Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A poem written a year ago

Below a poem written about a year ago. The background in which it was written looks so afar that I begin to believe in what David Hume said. Maybe there's really no such a self that never changes.

Shovel up their hearts
It's the way to leave the hurts apart
So as to deny all the fresh feelings
Say adieu to the afterglow beaming

Stack up the wall
Shun to become so-called an enfant terrible
Confined are the emotions to the cage
Saved are the betrayed on the brink of rage

In a world that's ever changing
They're taught to neglect truth gleaming
For honesty with colors grim
It's replaced with a mask of duty-cling

Farewell his once fervent soul
Rerouted he's back onto the dull road
Hanging over a question bold
Why we always hurt the dearest the most

Monday, August 01, 2005

A doggerel for Taiwanite.org

A long night
Upon the island at which we abide

Too many lies
Have rooted that needs more than sighs

We may not be white knights
Just hate to submit to the plight

But why flite
If there're words articulate
Dazed hearts may they grind

People with rocklike minds
We're not from bordering isle
We've decided to stand upright