Saturday, May 04, 2013

A blowback

At the beginning of the re-consolidation of my philosophy after my outright belief in Christianity collapsed, I decided to be a honest agnosticist. I thought with this decision I would be able to face my conscience and prevent myself from going extremes and, consequently, having a chip on shoulder. However, J recently pushes me very hard to re-gain my faith. And as a result, I have to reconsider where I shall stand. The outcome is unfortunately against J's intention. After reading and thinking, now I tend to be atheist instead of agnosticist. I think Dawkins is right in saying that anyone who believes in rational thinking, unless he is of that kind of agnosticists who even doubt the possibility of objective observations, should make a decision according to probability and evidence. Claiming oneself as a honest agnosticist without reviewing probability and evidence thoroughly is self-deceiving, fence-sitting, and irresponsible.

I'm sorry, J.

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