Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Not dangerous enough. More please...

The joint local election in Taiwan has finished. KMT is cheerful for the landslide-victory, however many people are worried about the future of Taiwan.

Sounds serious, isn't it? It's just an election that is held periodically in any democratic state like Taiwan. Though pro-China KMT swallowed more than half of the ballots, most of the Taiwanese do not think Chinese reign over Taiwan is acceptable. Say if a referendum held for Taiwan to be merged into China, I certainly believe there will be a veto put strongly. The local election victory has shown nothing but KTM still owns awful local control at all.

After the election, KTM's chairman Ma Ying-Jeou has claimed to loosen the restrictions over economical activities to China. Also he blamed the current legal measures are sakoku (literally "closed country") . What a ridiculous comment !

There are economical restrictions toward China for national security concerns derived from China's territorial ambition toward Taiwan. However the restrictions do not work well that Taiwan is already the biggest foreign investing country in China. For about USD 200 billion shed into the hostile state, China is also the biggest investment recipient from Taiwan.

I'm sorry to say Taiwanese businessmen have very little risk-management concepts and national security consideration.

Anyone who has basic economical or financial knowledges knows that investment concentration is quite dangerous. The claims of "not dangerous enough, more please" from pro-China oppositon party is so stupid and nothing but nonsense !

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