Sunday, April 17, 2005

Unreversable After the Bang

【prose / English】
In a world being crafted about 3 decades ago, sadness is the end product of weakness. As for the weakness, it is the first factor and the Destiny.

part.1 Sadness

It's a stupid ambivalence. Good restaurants, wonderful foods, fantastic scenes and the beautiful weather now seem to be the shadows of a ratty life. No more the seducements bode a plan or a enjoyable gathering in the coming days, but remind him that all the warmth and joys of sunshine belong to the others. Once when he was thrown into the abyss, he should not expect they work in the dark den.

Here's the metaphor. A prisoner is locked in a swarthy cell. He can see no way out. Death doesn't augurs terrors but a yearning release. The best treatment he thirsts for being granted undoubtedly would be a thorough murk. For even a faint beam from a flashlight can irritate his eyes and also pour ridicule.

part. 2 Weakness

Self-esteem and intimacy are twins. Though we may never be Freud, we can tell the sear in the tender age that works like the bang that creates the whole universe. It's the forces and laws of Destiny keeping on moulding the life.

The deprivation of intimacy brings out the fear of the same thing. It sounds like "never better than ever". However the deprivation itself convicted him of inferior. The accusation then pushs him around to find a way to be remitted. He's a beast pants for self-esteem. He knows nothing of the pith of relationship. But the predator continues to loot in hopes of being relieved. He's just been filling the wrong stomach. That's why he can never be fulfilled.


Just do I recall repeatedly there's a paradox in theology. The dilemma of human free will and divine almighty administration. Is it simply a drama following a play script exactly? Or it's a world might ruin itself after a long run for there's no one mastering ubiquitously and incessantly. All I know is men cannot even go against his causes. Some day the scientists may give us a whole picture of the universe, but I do not expect anyone can overturn the laws and the ongoing process after the big bang.

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Nakao Melon said...

I'm here to say hello. And btw, your sentence "sakatayraaw kako to ilisin iso. Han?" should be: "sakatayraaw kako ilisin iso, nga'ay han?" :) We don't use "han" alone.