Monday, April 11, 2005

When a repeated offender always demands an apology

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For some aspects, it is a dangeraous world. A tsunami hit the southeastern Asia just several months ago, claiming a death toll of hundreds of thousands. In a period of less than a month, Japan has been striken by severe earthquakes for several times. Nature has been glimpsed cruel, but nothing could be bloodier and more brutal than our internecine wars.

Never forget we can hardly find innocent people on earth. Are there any nations or ethnic groups qualified to claim that their forefathers and themselves have nothing to do with invasions? If there are lacks of apologies, we do owe each other some words as “I’m so sorry.”

That’s what I felt when I knew huge anti-Japan demonstrations are coming up in China again. The protestors yell that Japan should not describe their war crime cunningly in the textbooks, and demand apologies. I’ve heard the Chinese have been keeping on asking for an apology from Japan once and once again since I was very young. The Japanese do have apologized, though with delicate diplomatic languge but also abundant ODA (official development assistance). However it seems the Chinese are never satisfied. The repeated offender always demands one more apology.

How can China deny that its people are repeated invaders? Everyone knows the ancient Chinese ancestors lived in a relatively small area downstream along the Yellow River. Are the Chinese people going to tell us that all the territories out of where their ancestors were have been annexed peacefully? According to the historical books, we can even find easily that Chinese troops going over the border, conquering and slaughtering. The descendants of the victims spread almost all over the East Asia, and the central Asia, even Europe depending on your definition of the word China and which purported Chinese dynasty is part of Chinese history and which is not.

China does owe a lot of nations apologies. Also China does cover up trickily the war crimes their forefathers committed in their own textbooks. China has never paid ODA to anyone to express that they are so sorry.

Is anyone who can tell me why the repeated offender, China, always demands an apology from Japan, not even mentioning its rattling the saber toward Taiwan?

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Nakao Melon said...

Good evening, Hoanya tamdaw! I like this one. You got all the good points regarding all the Chinese criminalities. Should we mail this to the Xinhua Agency or what? Sanga'ay!