Saturday, May 14, 2011

Try the 2011 International Taiwanese Proficiency Test now!


Learning Taiwanese is fun!
Do you want to know your proficiency in Taiwanese?

Testing date: Sat. July 23, 2011
Registration period: May 10~June 10, 2011
The testing site will be arranged in the area of greater Los Angeles, California, USA.
For details, please visit the website.

The International Taiwanese Proficiency Test (ITPT) originated from the General Taiwanese Proficiency Test (GTPT) developed by the Taiwanese Language Testing Center at National Cheng Kung University. It is for anyone over 16 who wishes to find out what their Taiwanese reading and listening ability are.

In the beginning the development of the General Taiwanese Proficiency Test was a government-commissioned project, supervised by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education; later it became an independently-run project by the center. Starting from 2010 the test has been administered in several testing sites in Taiwan, mainly to students and teachers of Taiwanese. The test is a criterion-referenced test and the categories tested include listening, speaking, reading and writing of Taiwanese. The scoring follows he standard set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and is divided into six levels.

The International Taiwanese Proficiency Test is the short version of the General Taiwanese Proficiency Test. It is to be first given in 2011, in Japan, the U.S. and Vietnam. Only listening and reading ability are being tested. To accommodate the test takers, by just taking the test in one sitting participants can find out what their Taiwanese language level is without taking a level-sorting pre-test or a second test, by using the corresponding chart of Taiwanese proficiency level. The level however is only divided into three instead of six as in the full version of the test.

The Taiwanese Language Testing Center at National Cheng Kung University is the first professional institution to regularly administer Taiwanese proficiency certification. Its research team consists of outstanding members of the professional fields with plenty of teaching and research experience especially in Taiwanese literature and language. In addition, the center is regularly commissioned by local and national government bodies to hold certification tests. Therefore its qualifications and authority are commended and trusted. Its certificates are widely accepted and recognized domestically and internationally.

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